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Thor Advertising is proud to offer our community an affordable advertising option that works, using Full Color Digital Billboards. Outdoor advertising is the most cost effective way to get a message seen. On top of that, digital billboards can be controlled from anywhere via the world wide web.

FACT: In 2010, advertisers spent $6,100,000,000 (6.1 Billion) on outdoor advertising.

Types of ads we can display on our digital billboards...

  •  Small Business
  •  Quick Sales Announcements
  •  Events
  •  Dynamic Content (Ex. count down, rss, ect.)
  •  Website Promotion
  •  Birthdays
  •  Anniversarys




    Change Ads With The Click Of A Mouse

    No Production Charges

    Live Webcams

    Proof Of Performance Report

    UNLIMITED Content Updates 

    Digital Deals Feature (Online Coupons)


    Check out our CLIENT CAMPAIGNS to see some of our art work.


    Thor Advertising has also developed a Free Online Coupon Service (Digital Deals).

    The coupons can either be printed or presented via email or a common cell phone.

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    Thor Advertising is a locally owned and operated business focusing on high impact advertising. Thor Advertising, Inc. incorporated in January of 2009. In December of 2008, we purchased an incandescent double sided message center that could only produce text. On June 27, 2009 we upgraded the message center with 2 full color 20 mm. L.E.D. billboards. In addition to using 2/3's less electricity, this upgrade came with a variety of new features including live webcams and a website (Media Master Live) for customers to log-in and control the billboards. Media Master Live gives our clients the ability to change their campaign in real time from any internet access. Click here for more about THOR.


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    Thanks to strong dedication, since 2009, Thor Advertising, Inc. has been a member in good standing of the following:

  • The Outdoor Advertising Association of Illinois
  • The Parks Chamber of Commerce 

  • Thor has maintained accountability and professionalism and we are proud to serve the community with the automated amber alert system that digital displays offer.









    8530 N. 2nd street

    Machesney Park, IL 61115


    Street View

    What is an LED

    LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. Basically semiconductor chips that produce light, LEDs are much different and far more efficient than incandescent light bulbs. They consume far less electricity, requiring only 1/10 to 1/40 the energy of incandescent bulbs. While light bulbs burn out relatively quickly, LEDs can last for more than 100,000 hours.

    What does "pitch" mean?

    The pitch of an LED sign is the distance between each pixel. If a pitch is 16mm, that means that each pixel (or LED cluster) is 16 millimeters apart. Smaller numbers mean a "tighter pitch". The closer the pixels (or the tighter the pitch), the crisper and more realistic your image appears, especially when viewed from shorter distances.

    Pixel: Pixels are individual dots within the pattern of a much larger image on an LED sign face. The spacing of these pixels can be close together or far apart depending of the application of the LED sign. The closer together the pixels are, the higher the “Resolution” of the sign. A combination of these pixels and its resolution is what creates the signs “Matrix”.

    What is a Pixel?

    A pixel is a cluster of two or more LEDs, each delivering a single point of light or color. Monochrome signs use pixels that are clusters of single colored LEDs. A pixel in a color sign combines red, green, and blue LEDs (which is why color displays are sometimes referred to as RGB displays). Arranged in rows and columns, thousands of pixels go into every LED sign.

    Average Daily Traffic Count

    The outdoor audience is measured by the number of vehicles passing a specific site multiplied by estimated average vehicle occupancy. Traffic counts are available from State Road or Transport authorities and estimates of vehicle occupancy for different types of roads are also available from the same source. All counts provided from this information should be for one-way viewing. Such traffic counts do not include pedestrian audience that may be significant when sites are within a CBD or at a retail shopping location. Occupancy rates vary by location but is generally between 1.45 and 1.75 per vehicle.

    What is DEC?

    The Daily Effective Circulation, or DEC, is the average number of persons 18+ potentially exposed to an out-of-home advertising display for 12 hours (not illuminated, daylight only 6:00 am – 6:00 pm), 18 hours (illuminated until midnight), or 24 hours (illuminated continuously). DEC is computed by using factors which calibrate period of exposure, directional traffic and vehicle occupancy.



    Design Guidelines

    Be Flexible

    Take advantage of the flexibility that digital outdoor media offers. Change messages weekly, daily or even hourly. Design with a creative strategy that tells a story or communicates numerous details using multiple design layouts.


    There are no installation charges when utilizing Thor's digital outdoor media. IMPORTANT:Create the files at actual size. This provides the sharpest possible image by alleviating the need to "down sample" the artwork before use. Down sampling will cause the image to become "fuzzy" and hurt the overall impact of the design. Designing at the actual pixels' density will also prevent the accidental use of extremely small type. If it can't be read at actual pixels, it can't be read from the street.

    File size and Format:

    128 H x 240 W Pixels

    72 DPI or Resolution , RGB

    Filenames can only have alpha-numeric characters and should not have any special characters (symbols like !@#$%^&*()?><,'":;) are not allowed. Please rename your files accordingly prior to uploading. Animated GIFF's are not allowed.

    The following formats are currently supported: GIFF (.gif) and Bitmap (.bmp).

    Be Simple

    Simplicity is the fundamental guideline for creating good outdoor designs and the same principles apply when designing for digital outdoor media. The most effective outdoor designs capture the essence of an idea, which is then conveyed with brevity and clear expression.

    Use short and simple words for fast and easy comprehension. There should be no more than 10 words overall and less than five words in the headline.

    Be Bold

    Ensure immediate product identification by making logos and brand names large. Choose graphic elements with a strong focal point since busy photographs or graphics are often difficult to discern.

    Use large and legible typefaces. Choose fonts that are easily read at long distances. Fonts with thin strokes or ornate script will be difficult to read.

    Upper and lower case letters are particularly legible. When designing for a roadside display, a one foot letter height is unreadable while a two foot letter height is marginal. A letter height greater than three feet is clearly readable.

    Be Colorful

    Avoid using a white background when designing for LED or other light emitting technologies. White is a mixture of all color in these situations, rather than an absence of color, and will appear subdued or muddy. White does not carry the same vibrancy that other colors convey.

    The perception of color can change depending on the amount of ambient light surrounding a digital outdoor display unit. For this reason, rich background colors are more impactful during daylight hours, while pastel backgrounds are more vibrant at night and on cloudy days. Digital outdoor display technology can automatically compensate for these factors.

    Use bold colors with high contrast. The following 12 color combinations for outdoor design represent the best use of color contrast for readability. The chart evaluates primary and secondary color combinations, taking into account hue and value. Example one is considered the most legible color combination.



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